How to Select the Best Water Softener

How to Select the Best Water Softener

Most of the water that we get on our tap is hard water which needs to be softened before we take. We have different types of water softeners out there that are meant to help us remove the hardness.

However, since not all of us are experts when it comes to water, it is essential to offer some guidance on the same. With the correct information, many homeowners will be able to make the right decisions when selecting the perfect water softener.


size Selecting the right water softener will keep you on the right path of purifying your water. To have a better understanding of the size of the water softener, you will need to have an idea of how it works.

Just like we had stated earlier on, the primary role of a water softener is to remove the hard minerals but introducing the soft minerals. It adds the sodium ions which are soft thereby displacing the hard calcium ions.

Ion exchange resin

The water softeners have what is referred to as the chemical magnets which re popularly referred to as the ion exchange resin. It is the chemical magnets that re found on the inside of the water softeners that are responsible for the trading of the soft and hard ions. The capacity of the water softeners is determined by the number of the chemical magnets.

Types of water softeners

We have different types of water softeners. Knowing the different types of water softeners will help you in making the right choice. Different types of the water softeners used different systems and therefore, yield different results. Let us look at some types of the water softeners.

Timer regenerated

The timer regenerated water softeners refers to the type of water softeners that are based on the time clock. The user is at liberty to set the clock at a given interval let us say once after every seven days. As this type of water softener neutralizes the calcium ions, the compound that will be formed will be reused every time there is a regeneration.

Meter regeneration

regeneration We also have the meter regenerated water softeners that keep track of the water that is used at any given time. All you need is to tell the controller the number of grains of your softener and the number of people in your home.

With this information, he will set the system accordingly to help you in managing the hard water. Watch the video below for the best tips when selecting the best water softener: